11 Guides for Making Life With ADHD a Little Easier

Tips AND tricks? In THIS economy?!

Dylan M. Austin
5 min readJan 23, 2023

Two years ago, I received my adult ADHD diagnosis.

Most conventional wisdom would discourage disclosing a condition that affects executive function, focus, and concentration in the workplace. In many cases, this may be wise, but I’ve always been vocal about opportunities to be more inclusive.

I’ve learned a lot about neurodiversity and shared my experiences with others, primarily through my writing.

I have since written about ADHD and college, pets, sleep, houseplants, budgeting, apartment hunting, home organization, taxes, celebrities, and workspaces for the amazing people at Figo Pet Insurance, Apartment Therapy, Pinterest and Inflow, plus here on Medium.

Update: 10 (More) Guides for Making Life With ADHD a Little Easier

Admittedly, this might qualify more as broadcasting my condition than simply disclosing it…

Maybe you have seen the news about Adderall shortages and telehealth controversies, or even those who dismiss ADHD as a fad, a TikTok trend of self-diagnosis.



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