29 Satire Headlines I Would Have Written Articles for if I Had Time (and 5 That I Did)

These made my idea list but not the light of day… Until now!

Dylan M. Austin
3 min readMay 4, 2023

Just cleaning up my “random ideas” list and thought someone out there might appreciate my personal brand of mental illness.

  1. Negligent Electricians Installed Faulty Wiring in Millions of Homes. What Happens Next Will Shock You
  2. Credit Karma’s Duolingo-Inspired Poison Dart Frog Mascot Shames Your Credit Score via Push Notification
  3. Mandela Effect Strikes Again: That Kelly Clarkson Song Was Actually Called ‘Miss Information’
  4. Embarrassing! Student Loan Debt Holder Thinks They’re Getting Paid Before I Die
  5. Republicans Gerrymander, Preemptively Introduce Legislation To Ban Abortion Above the Kármán Line
  6. NRA’s New Thoughts and Prayers Request Site Returning Form Submission Errors
  7. James Cordon Arrested in West Hollywood Driving Alone in HOV Lane Blaring Karaoke Backing Tracks
  8. Opinion: I Don’t Trust That Quaker Oats Guy
  9. Precious Moments Announce New Pansexual Angel Figurine With Autism
  10. Report: Joel Osteen Still Doing All That



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